Tuesday, 04 August 2015

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Tunisia: Portuguese cement plant SECIL conveys its concerns to Industry Minister

Chairman of Portuguese cement plant "SECIL" Sergio Martins conveyed to Industry and Trade Minister Mohamed Lamine Chakhari, the group's concerns about work stoppage in the Gabes factory bought by the company in 1998.

A delegation of the Gabes cement company whose production has been stopped for several days, due to the sit-in observed by employees of sub-contracting companies, was received on Thursday by the minister.

Mr. Martins said the Portuguese group has made investments of 700 million dinars in 11 years, noting that the recent installation by the Gabes cement company of a third mill will cost the company 100 million dinars. It seeks to increase the cement production capacity.

He expressed hope that "the Gabes cement plant will resume work under best conditions so

that the cement sector recovers its growth."

Mr. Chakhari told the delegation that "the government is taking action to unblock the situation and ensure the restart of works in various industrial and energy production centers, adding that efforts are being made so that the Gabes cement plant resume activity within a few days.

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