Thursday, 30 July 2015

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Tunisia: further decline in Tunis stock market for third consecutive day

Tunindex fell Wednesday to its lowest level in nine months, declining by 3.3% to 4,734.31 at 11:50 am. According to Bloomberg, losses registered in three days amounted to 9.3%. BIAT recorded its worst performance since October 2008 and SFBT fell by 4.5%
According to Tustex, Tunindex was, at the middle of the day, at -2.54% in a volume of 4.8 MTD on 60,407 shares. 48 values are listed in red and no increase is registered, sectors most falling about noon are:  building which looses 4.30% and financial services, down 3.79%. Banks fell by 2.03%.
STAR shows a sharp decline of 6.09% to 173.400 TD. TUNISAIR share, meanwhile, tops most active values with a turnover of 179,289 units for a decrease of 5.45% to 1.910 TD.

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